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Altre Di B


"lavoro completo e inedito, assolutamente da ascoltare."


"Gli Altre di B accendono l’anima dell’ascoltatore. Un lavoro dove si sposa punk, rock, elettronica."(ROCKSHOCK)

"Miranda! is a powerful third album from Altre di B."(ROCKSHOCK)

" It’s mighty impressive how the band builds on their sound on each track Miranda! is a fascinating experiment that mostly works, resulting in a unique form of indie rock that’s hooky, fun, and fresh". (NEWNOISEMAGAZINE)

"Miranda! has something for every conceivable listener...a surprising amount of it laced into the songwriting, guitar fans will enjoy it, and higher brow fans of art rock or experimentation will appreciate the intelligence that goes into weaving together the electric guitar and synths. Altre di B’s third album is impressive by any metric.". (INDIEMUSICRVIEW)


Recording and mixing:


Artistic producer:  




Dude Music & Studio Esagono

Stefano Riccò 

Stefano Riccò

Muki Edizioni & Warner Chappell Music

Black Candy

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